Sunday, June 01, 2014

Mind What You Wear: The power of superhero t-shirts

As I sat drinking my Sunday coffee in bed, I read a report about a new book detailing he psychological power of clothes. It's fascinating stuff that, on some level, we've all known about for a long time but it still feels good to have a trained psychologist validate my reasons for wearing a Guns 'n' Roses t-shirt to work last Friday. 

The book outlines that people felt mentally and physically stronger wearing a superhero t-shirt. I can testify to that because the Gunners are my superheroes and on a day when I felt a level below 'blah', putting on my favourite t-shirt got me out the door in a much better mood. Of course, all this is predicated by the fact that it was Friday, which is normally a casual kind of day in my office and also that I work for a really cool bunch of people.

We all need a leg up some days and it's good to know that often it's a simple as looking in your closet. It got me thinking about my other psychologically comforting pieces: my Givenchy handbag (that I lean on way too much, I need to give it a rest), skinny jeans and pistol boots, the grey jersey Josh Goot trench that feels like a light hug, my Alexander Wang tank tops that go with everything and my leather bomber jacket that makes me feel like Erin Wasson. Who doesn't like feeling like a supermodel some days?

See me when I'm a mess

I still put on a vest, with an S on my chest

I'm a Superwoman, yes I am 

Alicia Keys, 'Superwoman', As I Am 2007

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