Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thinking about: Sweatpants as 'real' pants

Let it be known today is a first for me as I am wearing sweatpants as part of an outfit. 

I'm not talking about sweats and sneakers to run to the store because I've run out of milk, I'm talking sweatpants with a button down shirt, jacket and pistol boots as part of a travelling outfit. I'm also accessorising them with a $3000 handbag so that should make up for it right?

I'm flying between cities today and will be wearing sweatpants among people who are wearing real outside, doing-non-fitness-things pants. On the plus side, it's Saturday and I'm not headed anywhere work related. A further bonus is that based on casual observation of my fellow travellers, my sweatpants are stacking up quite nicely among the baggy ass jeans, rumpled chinos and leggings-as-pants that have walked past me in the last couple minutes. 

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