Sunday, May 25, 2014

New York State of mind

You don't have to poke around my blog for a long time to figure out that there's something going on between me and New York. It's a fixation (affliction?) I've had for many, many years and the more I visit, the more I want to go back. If it were a substance people would suggest rehab. 

I've been writing this post about New York for two weeks, since I last posted here, and it's been a bit difficult to finish because it feels like putting a full stop on something. You see, since the start of the year, I've been waiting on news that would potentially cause me to pack up my life here and move to my grand city. How cool is that?

There was always an equal chance it wouldn't happen and I convinced myself I was staying realistic and balanced in my expectations should the move not eventuate. But it's funny how your mind works, or mine at least; you can convince yourself you are in compete control of your expectations and then be rendered deeply surprised and disappointed when the coin toss falls on heads instead of tails.

So, this I was not my turn to become a New Yorker. It was not to be. Yet. I hope. 

My fog of disappointment is starting to lift so here, finally, is the post about this beautiful city that was almost mine...

I had seven faces 

Thought I knew which one to wear 

But I'm sick of spending these lonely nights 

Training myself not to care 

Subway is a porno 

The pavements they are a mess 

I know you've supported me for a long time 

Somehow I'm not impressed

But New York cares (Got to be some more change in my life)

Interpol, 'NYC', Turn on the Bright Lights 2003

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