Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thinking about: Socks with heels (and sandals!)

Alright here's the thing, up until a few weeks ago, wearing tights with sandals or socks with heels wouldn't have even crossed my mind but check out the situation above. What you see right there are my two style guides (funny, I make it sound like I have them on speed dial for a quick early morning consultation) effectively turning all the rules on their heads.

So, socks and sandals...who knew? I guess it's a smart move as it extends the life of your sandals into autumn - unless it rains, I imagine there's nothing fashion forward or avant garde about soggy sock toes sticking out of a wet, strappy sandal.

Anyway, a derivative of this look that is also proving quite popular with the street style set is the so is with high heels trend. In this case, a cute little sock is paired with a shoe and bare legs. Not sure how this will go at the height of winter, especially as my exceedingly white legs tend to take in a blue, been-dead-for-hours hue in the cold, but I may just be ready to try it out in autumn. How cute are these?

Of course one important thing in all of this is the issue of cankles. If memory serves, I've never spotted a cankle on a street style blog so us real people need to tread carefully and employ many independent advisors because I think that along with crop tops, belted cardigans, 3,000 layered necklaces and Rottweiler sweat shirts, it's a fine line between trendy and try hard.

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