Friday, April 18, 2014

Pastels, sorbets, mutes, neutrals

For the last few months I've been happily navigating my wardrobe of black, white and denim, confident that I was well set up for the change in seasons and the eventual progress into winter. Fashion weeks came and went and I remained impervious to the soft colours ruling the runways. Soft pink cocoon coats? I'll take my black biker jacket thanks. Lilac shirts proved no match for my white muscle tanks.

Then, all of a sudden, BAM! Seemingly out of nowhere, I find myself searching for pinks, greys, mints and lilacs. It's fashion by osmosis. I've morphed from a SOHO-dwelling Alexander Wang-wearing aspirant to having WASP-ish, Hamptons-esque daydreams. What's happening to me?

I'm going to tread as softly as these colours in an effort to try and avoid my legendary printed pants binge of 2013. I'm also going to try and stick to the budget end of the spectrum where a $50 hammered satin shirt won't be such a loss when I invariably go back to my black/white palette in six months' time.

Mint jacket; grey skirt; grey pants; pink shirt

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