Friday, April 25, 2014

My favourite shoes: Nike Free Bionic

Bet you thought I was going to write about a pair of heels didn't you?

Sneakers make up a large part of my shoe wardrobe - about a third at last count - and these are my favourites of all. They're extremely lightweight and lo-fi, once I broke them in it really feels like I'm completely barefoot.

I've had barefoot-style sneakers in the past and while I didn't have much luck conditioning my legs and feet to run in them, nothing beats them as a training shoe. Squats? Weights? Crossfit? Interval and circuit training? Nailed! You can't find a better shoe for flexibility and natural movement - you can practically feel your ankles getting stronger and more resilient during your first workout with these.

They're fantastic walking shoes too, the all-day-long type. Although I would caution against wearing them in very cold weather; I wore them in New York last fall and as soon as the temperatures fell below 10 degrees, they were supremely incapable of keeping my toes warm. To date that is their only downfall, which makes them just about perfect don't you think?

The link below is to the US site. They're available in Australia too but with the usual drawcards we have all come to expect: they're 1.5 times the price and available in only half the colours. Oh the joys of living on an island at the bottom of the world...

Nike Free Bionic at

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