Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thinking about: Black hats with everything

From the moment Witchery launched their Fall campaign with the above photos of the sublime Arizona Muse I've been fixated on hats - black fedoras to be precise. (In the name of full disclosure, I also have to admit I'm fixated on the length and texture of her hair, but that's another matter altogether.)

This week I finally caved and bought myself a black fedora that I'm planning to wear with everything as soon as the weather gets a little cooler. I made the mistake of wearing it in 29 degree heat yesterday and it was a messy sweat feat under there, not a good look!

After its first short outing, I'm not convinced hats is a trend that men understand completely; my husband for example has been calling Indiana Jones since I first arrived home proudly wearing my new purchase. He will have the whole fall and winter to get used to it. In fact, I can see some clouds coming over, somebody pass me my hat!

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