Sunday, March 23, 2014

Style crush: Emmanuelle Alt

Have you ever come across someone that instantly changed your style the moment you laid eyes on them? I have, her name is Emmanuelle Alt and at the time, she was fashion director at French Vogue (she's now editor in chief.)

A few years ago, I saw a photo of her outside one of the Paris shows. She has a distinct personal style and looked not unlike the photos I included here. She was wearing skinny jeans rolled up to a capri length - 7/8ths to be precise. I was so taken by the ankles on display I've hardly used a full length pair of pants since, including during a New York snowfall. 

The short pant isn't the only thing I admire about this lady's look; seeing photos of her makes me resent my love of skirts and want to rip up my dresses. I could live the rest of my life in slim pants, a no fuss top, an amazing blazer/coat and some fierce footwear.

All hail Emmanuelle!

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