Sunday, March 16, 2014

Legends of the Fall

I'm using the word 'fall' a lot lately. Lucky for me I'm doing it just on the pages of this blog and not in real life otherwise a myriad holier-than-thou Australians would have already corrected me - um, it's autumn…autumn! They way they do when I pronounce rodeo, "ro-dee-oh" instead of the Aussie, "ro-day-oh". See the difference, yeah apparently it matters to some people.

Anyway, this post is all about my autumn wardrobe. I've already got about half the items on this list so this is sort of half wish list, half peek inside my closet (sorry, wardrobe, jeez!)

Basically, I'm all about the black, cream, grey and white at the moment, as you can tell. The weather at this time of year needs layers: a cardigan you can put over a dress, a sleeveless shirt with long pants for the in between days, plus a sweater to pull on when the sun goes down. Mix and match, over and under - perfect.

P.S. - Can I just point out how everything here goes wonderfully with my new hat?

Grey longline cardigan from Witchery
Cream sleeveless shirt from Marcs
Black peplum hem mini from Boohoo
Buckle boots from Tony Bianco
Black cigarette pants for Country Road
Leather insert dress from Witchery
Cream cropped knit from Witchery
Black circle midi skirt from Boohoo
Black stiletto from Tony Bianco

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