Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thinking about: T-shirts in offices

This picture right here is wardrobe nirvana for me - look at all that beautiful jersey! You know how people often say they could live in a t-shirt? That's me; I am obsessed with them. The whole 'luxe sport' trend right now? I'm there. Alexander Wang? Love him hard. Emmanuelle Alt rocking one with skinny jeans everywhere? My icon.

My issue is that I work in a corporate office. I'm not talking about a law firm, skirt suit and pantihose-year-round kind of corporate. I work in a creative field but it's still within a rather large company where people wear suits and pencil skirts and jeans are kept for Fridays.

Late last year I invested in some great t-shirts and muscle tanks. I'm talking well cut, structured pieces made of lovely material - solid basics. I've been wearing them with my pencil and midi skirts, under a sharp blazer, tucked into tailored pants and you know what? They're the best!

I've had colleagues comment on how great a dressed up t-shirt looks and a couple have even taken a chance and mixed in a t-shirt of their own here and there.

There is obviously a knack to this kind of dressing and fine line between 'I'm wearing a t-shirt and killing it' and 'I could only be bothered getting half dressed today'.

  • The cloth needs to be solid - translucent fabrics don't work - you don't want bra straps and undergarments showing through.
  • Choose a drapey material that doesn't cling - some soft jersey or modal are perfect.
  • The armholes on muscle tanks should be cut above your bra line under the arm - again, keep the skin to a minimum and your undergarments to yourself.
  • Make sure the item is meticulously clean (especially if it's white) and scrupulously ironed.
  • Always pair it back with structured pieces, awesome shoes, good quality jewellery and a killer handbag.

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