Saturday, February 22, 2014

DakDak Cafe: Coolest eggs ever!

So apparently a dak dak is a Volkswagen. I know this random piece of information because that's the name of the newest, coolest place to eat in my neighbourhood - DakDak Cafe.

Cool hangouts in my part of the world are a novelty because mine is not the most happening place to be in Melbourne, I'm not ashamed to say. The last time I wrote about my suburb it was about Fat Bob's Bar where the music is rocking and the burgers delicious.

DakDak is very different but just as great. It's an old garage, with a caravan for a kitchen (Tacombi-style), recycled furniture, artificial grass for carpet and Volkswagen memorabilia all over the place. You can re-live your childhood with a spot of yo-yo in between table races of die cast Combis and Buggies.

If the entertainment isn't enough, the food is delicious. If you're lucky enough to be in Moorabbin during business hours on a weekday, you can enjoy the full menu, breakfast and amazing lunches of meaty goodness like pulled pork, salami and chicken, burgers and more.

I'm not one of those lucky people so I come here Saturdays for the remarkable breakfast. I have the 'Little Dakdak': two eggs and bacon with a small serve of bread. It's great value and kinda fancy with a bit of relish on the side and high quality bread. (You can tell a lot about a place by the quality of bread they serve, it's a dead give away.)

The Volkswagen enthusiast in my life prefers the baked eggs in a sweet terracotta dish with more of that lovely bread to soak up the spicy tomatoey goodness.

You will likely share your time here with a random collection of my neighbours, from young families to singles young and old. The staff are an absolute delight - fun, friendly and rightly proud of what they've got here. From a purely selfish perspective (gotta keep getting me some of dem eggs), I wish them a long and happy future. So glad they're here.

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