Monday, February 24, 2014

Animal instinct - on my toes

I'm not gonna lie, my search for the perfect pair of animal print ballet slippers is years old - like four or five years old - I'm not even kidding. I tend to deliberate for ridiculously long periods of time over the simplest fashion choices. To my mind, there's nothing wrong with that because it's easy to get the basics wrong.

Take a simple white button down shirt. It took me four or five failed attempts until I finally discovered white shirt perfection in the shape of my Gap boyfriend white cotton shirt. It's feminine yet gentlemanly, light but not sheer, roomy yet cut with waist-flattering darts. I may never love another shirt more.

Similarly these animal print flats. They're 100% leather - outer, lining, sole, everything. The mix of colours is not too bright and because I've owned a few pairs of these in different colours, I know they cut low in the toe and show a bit of 'cleavage'. Perfect.

I can't wait to wear them with black skinny tailored pants, a white muscle tank and a sharply cut blazer. Ready for autumn now thanks!

These are from Country Road and are currently in their clearance site for a ridiculous $19.95 plus postage.

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