Friday, January 10, 2014

Messy up-do for a cocktail event

As the owner of a very precocious and unpredictable head of curly hair, I'm forever on the lookout for hairstyles that don't involve a complete blow out or a topknot. The messy bun has been a go-to-for me in many occasions but a girls needs to mix it up once in a while.

Enter Pinterest!

One day, while doing a random search for white outfits (the obsession with white continues...), I came across this picture that changed my life instantly. OK, that's probably a bit dramatic but it's close to true.

I've since plaited my hair back and under a myriad times, adding a bit of jazz to denim shorts, or a bit of polish to a cocktail dress.

It's a universal hairstyle and one that I actually think is easier if you have curly hair because the texture is already there and the braid holds nicely with the curls.

You should try it one day.

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