Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Summer = Denim shorts

Apart from perhaps actual, full length jeans, there are precious few items in my wardrobe that I lust after more than my denim shorts - I mean, they're on my mind year round.

In summer, my thoughts are all around what to wear with them, how to get more pairs in new washes and why they're not acceptable in office environments (they're awesome dammit!) In winter, I just pine for them. Once upon a time I wore them through winter with opaque pantyhose underneath, my Dr Marten's boots and an old army jacket. Aah youth...and the 1990s...

It's going to be 40 degrees in Melbourne tomorrow and I'm seriously thinking about breaking out my shorts for work. Yes, it's a Thursday but I think if I choose carefully (i.e. not too ripped) and accessorise sensibly, I might pull it off. We'll see how brave I feel in the morning.

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