Saturday, December 21, 2013

I'm from the Empire State

This last trip of mine to New York City really proved that my interest in and love for this city really knows no bounds. In all my visits, I can safely and surely say that I have never experience a single boring minute in this town. It's likely that it could be physically impossible for anyone who ever lived to be bored in New York, specifically Manhattan.

These pics are very obviously from the Empire State - what a beauty of a building. The Empire State is a great example of something built for the ages, with a view of the future. It's a structure of visual and functional beauty, of care and precision in its construction. They knew they were building something for the enjoyment of many generations to come and chose to make it beautiful.

To me, that's the beauty of the Art Deco era, the attention to the small details in the context of the larger. Few buildings are made so meticulously nowadays and we are very lucky to have these beautiful relics to admire and enjoy.

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