Thursday, November 07, 2013

Up up and away

Three sleeps to go until my vacation officially starts and I finally started packing. It's not normally something I leave until so late but work has been such a distraction that it triggered my highly sensitive and very responsive procrastination tendencies.

I once read something about procrastination and how certain individuals actually use it to their advantage by finding added clarity, energy and determination when pressed right up against deadline. That's me right there; if I'm not feeling a particular piece of work, I will not switch on until the 11th hour. However when I do, I constantly surprise myself with how I can come up with solutions and ideas that just didn't exist without the pressure of the deadline.

Anyway, I digress (understatement!)

So, this picture looks awfully black doesn't it? I am going straight into late fall (New York, New York...) so it will be cold and it just so happens that most of my winter clothes are quite dark, thanks in no small part to the fact I live in Melbourne. Anyway, I since added a bright sweater and a white t-shirt so that should do me for variety!

Actually it wasn't until I posted this photo right here that I felt the first twinge of excitement - I'm glad it's kicking in finally.

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