Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween 2.0

The title of this post should really have been 'Halloween: Reality vs Martha Stewart' because after researching some fun decorations and purchasing a whole lotta cardboard, I ditched pretty much all of my previous plans and went with something much more lo-fi.

Basically, none of the decorations in my previous post worked out once I got started. The mini pumpkins, for instance, are fiddly as hell and incredibly hard to turn out once cut and assembled. The shadow cutouts need a practically pitch black room for the silhouettes to be sharp but who can live in pure darkness? Meanwhile the branch and bat mobile was a health and safety risk because it's basically made of sticks pointing out into thoroughfares and, sometimes, directly into your eyes.

So, as with many things in life, you compromise and since my Martha Stewart online trawling adventure delivered me lots of orange cardboard, I made flat pumpkins and stuck bats to my window instead of 'flying' them from dangerous, eye-poking sticks. I also got a couple of really cool papier mache skulls for my front door that were a hit with the trick or treaters.

The picture at bottom left was going into a separate post about my Halloween baking endeavours but again, Martha sent me down a tortuous road. Her marshmallow ghosts are not as simple as they seem when you consider our marshmallows in Australia have a dry coating that cracks when you try to shape it, making the finished product look like a half chewed mess instead of a cute little Caspar. To match my mood, I decided to run with regular cupcakes with angry faces. Appropriate.

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