Wednesday, October 16, 2013

She was a skater girl

OK, I think it’s about time we talked about skater dresses.

They are certainly the silhouette du jour and I wonder if people have put enough thought into it. Personally, I think they’re fraught with danger and should be approached as carefully as bandage dresses, short shorts, culottes and Capri pants – they’re not suitable for everybody.

True to my fashion tragic sensibilities, I bought myself a skater dress right at the start of the trend, just over a year ago. All the while I was buying it a little voice in my head was trying to make me remember that this wasn’t the dress for me, what with my hips and nipped in waist. But I persevered, determined my boobs would miraculously shrink and I wouldn’t end up looking like an adult in children’s clothing.

I should have listened to that voice and saved myself the inevitable trip to return the dress, it honestly looked hideous on me. As the dress was white and fell above the knee, I looked like a woman who was still trying to fit in to her favourite dress from when she was 10!

The trick in this tricky trend is the length of the skirt - there’s nothing lady like about a skater dress on a grown woman unless it hits at or below the knee (see the difference between left and right above). That’s the difference that only comes with research, contemplation and maybe a few wrong purchases.

Must remember to spend more time contemplating and less time hitting ‘Buy’ while bored on the couch.

White dress from Balmain; floral dress from Oscar de la Renta

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