Monday, September 09, 2013

Hustle like a New Yorker

A few years ago I introduced a 'One Handbag a Year' policy for two reasons. First, after trying to be the girl who uses a different handbag every day, I realised I'm the girl who leaves her keys/wallet/mirror/phone/etc in yesterday's bag and is constantly inconvenienced as a result. Secondly, I like expensive handbags and a purchase habit extending to multiple times a year doesn't work well with my other policy - 'Pay Your Bills on Time'.

It's very rare that I break my policy, nowadays I buy one astonishingly gorgeous (often expensive) bag each year and that's about it save for a couple of cheap and cheerful exceptions like this one. You can see how I had to do it right? It cost me all of $5 at that wonderland of stationary and knick knacks, Typo, although I think they're all sold out now.

I use it as my Pilates bag at the moment as it's the perfect size for a couple of pieces of flimsy clothing and a pair of flip flops and I don't need to lug around all the toiletries that usually reside in my gym bag.

Alright, time to hustle.

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