Tuesday, July 30, 2013

White but not quite

These two images caught my eye one night a while ago while I was trawling through Pinterest. They're a perfect example of what I call 'stand up clothes' - pieces that you can't sit down in or wear for more than a couple of hours (i.e. the length of time a normal person can stand without needing to sit for a rest).

That necklace is stunning and the perfect contrast to the white clothing, but it looks like a short ride to a neck ache, guaranteed. The embellished leggings, while they are possibly the most beautiful pair I've ever seen, are destined to get caught on clothing, furniture, jewellery and pet's paws quicker than you can say, "do these come with replacement beads?"

Anyway, they're beautiful to look at, which is part of the point of fashion anyway. Happy looking.

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