Monday, July 29, 2013

Thinking about: Clutches

Clutches are definitely having a moment right now, don't you think? They're ubiquitous in street style blogs, fashion magazines are packed with them and almost every accessory brand offers a variety of sizes and colours.

So why am I not seeing regular girls wearing them on the street? Handbags still rule the roost in the purse department and I think it's just that we carry to much crap around these days.

I have a couple of clutches that I use from time to time, even during the day, but I have to admit that each time I do there's a lengthy thought process that goes into determining what will and won't go in the bag.

My basics are wallet, phone, keys (house and car, if I'm driving), work ID (if I'm going to work) compact, lip balm, lipstick and tissues. That's the bare minimum and if it looks like a lot, consider that I normally also carry around a notebook, pen(s), five or six lipsticks, hair ties, a make up purse, perfume, keys to both cars (if they break into my house I don't want them taking off with the cars too...), iPod, earphones and sometimes a travel-size can of hairspray.

Thank goodness then that my 2013 bag, my Alexander Wang Rocco bag, is big and sturdy enough to lug around all of my necessities. But it doesn't help with my current hankering for a simple clutch - maybe even a soft zip top pouch - that I can tuck under my arm and be all European-like. That won't come without some serious downsizing in the 'stuff' department and while I don't have the solution, I think I know who to ask.

There's a guy in my office who comes in everyday wearing just a suit - maybe an overcoat if it's cold - nothing else. No man purse, no back pack, no laptop bag. The guy puts his wallet and phone in pocket (who knows what he does with his keys) and off he goes. Enviable. If he were a woman I bet he'd be right into clutches.


Annanotherthing said...

This is why the Celine trio is perfect! Take all three pouches with all of your "essentials" during the day and then unclip one of the pouches to use as a clutch later.

PJ said...

Génial! How did I not know about this before? Officially, my new obsession. Thanks dear!