Monday, July 08, 2013

The best tea towels from Williams Sonoma

It's not completely unheard of for me to get utterly obsessed with things from time to time - food, lipstick, denim, sunsets - you've seen it all here in this blog.

Something totally inane that has consumed me over the years is the need to have great quality tea towels in the kitchen. Why must tea towels be an afterthought? Why are they the random stocking filler you get at Christmas when just a little extra thing is needed? Why are other people choosing our tea towels? Why must more equal better?

So you can see, I have emotional issues with tea towels, notwithstanding the fact that from a practical perspective, there's nothing worse than trying to dry dishes with a cloth that pushes water around rather than actually absorbing it. Who's got time for that?

For many years, my tea towels of choice were from Country Road - they're large and well made from an absorbent waffle weave.

That was until I first set foot in a Williams Sonoma store. I remember it clearly, it was in San Francisco and I was rendered wordless by the wonders beyond its doors; I wanted to pack it all up in my little suitcase and head home.

You don't get better than a Williams Sonoma tea towel. Their cotton weave is even better than the waffle weave, it's like they just have to be in the vicinity of a wet dish and it will be dry as the desert.

Plus, now that they've opened a Sydney store, I no longer need a plane ticket to stock up. (Oh and while we're at it, not only are they bigger in size than the Country Road ones, you get four in a pack that's a dollar cheaper than CR. Now tell me that's not great value!)

I started signing off this post by writing that I can't wait until a Williams Sonoma store opens in Melbourne but perhaps I'm better off with them in Sydney only at this stage, it's safer that way. Plus, they deliver Australia wide anyway so if I'm really desperate I can always get them online.

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