Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thinking about: Dark lipstick

When did it become the early 90s again? Between all the 'Best of 90s' music and "The Hottest 100 of the Last 20 Years" (which actually was a 1990s greatest hits celebration) dark, matte lipstick has flung back into fashion.

It's amazing how effective the passing of time - 20 years to be precise - is in making you forget how some trends just don't work. Like matte lipstick. Remember Poppy lipsticks? They were the hottest lipstick of the 90s and I had a few; they were great, for the first five minutes after which they dried to an uncomfortable crust.

Like the perpetual fashion victim and beauty junkie that I am, two 'new age' super matte, super dark lipsticks are currently kicking around my handbag. One of them is Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss by Rimmel. I got #101, a bright, fire engine red and damn, it's gorgeous.

But, I can say that while technology has improved the formulas, they are still a high maintenance proposition. I'm talking about quarter-hour check ins and half-hourly re-application for best results. 

Small price to pay for such fashion forward lips, am I right?

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