Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finally, a stylish use for my used jars

A while ago (around the time I joined Pinterest actually) I saw pictures of someone's craft project where they painted the inside of old jam jars in pretty pastel colours. They used them as rustic vases to display wispy bunches of  wildflowers. I can do that, I thought, they'd look great on my kitchen windowsill. 

I started collecting used jars and researching paints. That was when I encountered my first obstacle. I don't have pastel paint lying around the house and even those tiny colour pots of paint at the hardware store cost more than I was willing to spend. 

Don't get me wrong, it's not about money. I just felt that if the objective was to spend upwards of $50 on this project, I could have just gone out a bought a freaking vase instead of labouring over sticky labels and countless soakings to remove the smell of mustard, capers, blackberry jam and whatever else those pretty little jars contained.

Eventually I gave up on painting the jars and jumped straight into using them as little vases on my kitchen window...and soon realised that I don't actually have access to delicate wildflowers. Actually, my best bet around here lately has been stealing the odd camellia from my neighbours as I walk my dog each evening. It's too much work - if I wanted to work that hard there are plenty of other crazy-ass Pinterest projects to choose from.

So I gave up on the jars until today when I saw the above picture, which I found on Tumblr (it seems a blog plus Pinterest wasn't enough to keep me occupied, now I also have a Tumblr account...wonder how long this fad will last?) It's a perfect use of my jar collection and I don't have to do a thing beyond sticking a candle in them. Genius!

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