Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thinking about: White sweaters

Ah're the best and I can't wait to break you out this year.

Melbourne's summer was long and glorious this year and consequently we're all late to the game when it comes to cold weather dressing. After another Indian summer-like weekend where we all got about in shorts and t-shirts, I expect the chill of autumn will finally arrive and no one will be prepared

I'm completely obsessed with knits this autumn and am busily researching how the cool chicks are wearing them. How great are the three looks above? I'm not usually a fan of floaty skirts but the one on the left is picture perfect, while the one in the middle just makes me want to give that woman a hug, that's how cuddly she looks!

My challenge this winter is to be more imaginative with how I wear them and I'm going to try a couple with bare legs before winter arrives in earnest. Not sure I'll be able to go all the way and wear open shoes like the ladies at left and right though, my feet get cold easily and although I really want to look cool and fashionable, comfort still rules in my world.

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