Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A funny thing happened on the way to the closet

Technically, this isn't so much a funny-ha-ha type of story and that's not my closet so who knows where this is going!

But seriously, it's getting chilly in Melbourne and I've had to start dipping into my cold weather clothes, which is where the 'unfunny' story begins. You see, I completely forgot that at the end of last winter, I was so fed up with my wardrobe that I threw out practically half of my cold winter clothes.

At the time I thought it was a bold move; I was looking forward to a trip to New York in late autumn where I could stock up on fabulous winter goodies. Not so much. My trip turned out to be more about a couple of investment purchases in the form of coats and now I'm left with two long sleeve tops to get me through chilly autumn mornings. The closet math doesn't add up - it's too cold for the warm tops I don't have, but it's not cold enough for the amazing coats I do have.

I'll get a chance to really assess the damage this weekend when I changeover my hot and cold closets. I'm dreading it in a way because there is a remote possibility this photo could be an omen - knowing me it's possible I could dig into my winter clothes and find a pink tutu, some black sleeveless dresses and a bunch of empty shopping bags.

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