Sunday, April 07, 2013

Thinking about: Winter hats

Last winter, I spent a lot of time talking myself out of buying a felt hat. There were a couple of lovely fedoras that caught my eye on Asos but I was never sure enough to buy one. I'd have to dream up new outfits, change the way I wear my hair and, of course, clear a space on my desk to accommodate it while at work.

In the midst of all the thinking, I figured out how to work it and now that I'm ready to buy one, they're scarce as hen's teeth because this winter, the must have hat is a knitted beanie. I'm back at square one - beanies are even worse than hats from an outfit perspective and they're absolutely hell on hat hair. They may be fine on women with straight hair but combining woolen knits with curly hair is a recipe for an afro.

Anyway, I can feel a never-ending loop beginning if I don't just (a) go find and buy a felt hat, or (b) make up my mind quickly on the knitted hat. If I don't make a choice soon I will have missed the boat again for another winter and will find myself debating hoods or scarves or woolen caps in twelve months' time.

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