Thursday, April 04, 2013

Thinking about: Sleeveless jackets

I've always struggled with vests. In theory, I can understand how they can be practical and they're certainly easy on the eye but I've never really been able to make them work. 

My difficulty with them can be summarised thusly: if it's hot enough to wear bare arms, it's likely too hot for a sleeveless jacket. The converse also applies: if it's cold enough for a jacket - even a light one - it's likely too cold for bare arms.

On a side note, it's a similar situation with sleeveless rollneck knits. Good in theory, bad in practice. I've had a couple of these over the years because the shape of them attracts me - I love the look of a good, slim, naked arm and shoulder. (Actually, I have a strong obsession with the upper torso and love a good bony shoulder and collarbone. I know it's strange, we all have our 'things' and mine is bones.) Unfortunately, a knitted rollneck is a recipe for disaster because your torso overheats while your arms freeze in the cold. Bad mix.

So back to the sleeveless jackets (sounds so much better than vests, which is what we normally call them.) I've had the black one on the right in a shopping cart for a month and haven't found a single day that I could have comfortably worn it. Now I fear it's getting too late into Melbourne's autumn and I've missed the boat for another year.

Decisions, decisions.

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