Friday, April 05, 2013

My new (almost) Alexander Wang shoes

Check out these beauties. They're the latest addition to my shoe wardrobe and are deeply inspired (read, practically a direct copy) of some Alexander Wang shoes I was massively crushing on a year ago.

For some reason, I can drop some serious cash on a handbag but have never been able to bring myself to do the same with designer shoes. I blame it on two things, one practical and the other environmental.

First, trying a pair of shoes on for size only guarantees you will be able to slip them on. You can still be liable for excruciating pain, blisters and unable to do more than stand at a mirror and admire yourself (like you do in the store).

Secondly, there are dangers all around us ready and waiting to destroy a new pair of heels. Footpaths are the biggest enemies. Those gaps in the concrete can ruin a stiletto in  heartbeat and that's it, the shoe is done, finished forever. No amount of glue, putty and colour-matched polish will make that sucker new again. And stairs! Don't even get me started on stairs.

Luckily I have stores like Wittner who will shamelessly copy so I can shamelessly buy them.

But really, the thanks in all this really need to go to the marvellous Alexander Wang who came up with such a beautiful shoe in the first place. I'm yet to find something he's done that I don't like.

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