Monday, April 08, 2013

Make shit happen pep talk

This is a very appropriate image for the last few months for me. After being laid up for a number of months with an insiduous and difficult to treat soft tissue injury to my shoulder (would you believe too many push ups or too much sleeping on my side? Sadly, both are true in this case), followed by the first cold of the season - which was technically probably the flu given it knocked me out for seven days - I feel like a downright slacker.

Having to cut out any exercise more strenuous than walking for almost four months and then doing nothing than walking between the bed and teapot for another week, it feels like I've lost all muscle tone in my body and I swear I'm wearing my ass around my ankles. It's amazing, and more than a little scary, how easy it is to start losing muscle tone and fleibility with only a few weeks' break from usual activity. It's criminal really.

The compounding sadness to all of this is essentially that my starting point is back at square one. I'm back to running only 3km instead of my usual 6km because my calf muscle lost conditioning and my lungs took a massive hit with the cold. I'm lifting beginner weights because starting again at a high weight will likely re-injure my shoulder tendon. I also only just started doing push ups again and (this is embarassing) am back to doing them on my knees after spending half of 2012 conditioning myself to do them on my toes, man style.

Right now this is all at a stage where I'm just about ready to tell myself to cry me a river. It's time to make some shit happen people.

Which brings me to this little guy - Kid President. I'm completely won over by his style and swagger and I wish I had his front and jive talking. This pep talk is for you and me.

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