Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Thinking about: Being a Balmain girl

Last night an email arrived in my inbox advising me an online retailer was having an amazing sale of one of my favourite design houses. (Note: when I say favourite I don’t mean it in a “My wardrobe is full of it” kind of way, it’s more a case of “I really like looking it”.)

Enticed by the promised 75% discount, I clicked through to my inevitable disappointment because that $4,500 pair of pants is still a ridiculous $1,100 after the full discount. Seriously, who pays that much for a pair of pants? I can come close to understanding it if they’re made of leather, but denim?

Which brings me to a point I often debate with myself: can I really, truly, honest-to-God call myself keen on fashion – a (shudder) fashionista – without spending on these brands?

It’s a shame in a way because I am totally a Balmain kind of girl but I just can’t justify the expense. So instead I focus on what I like to refer to as a derivative style of dressing, in that I look at what Balmain are sending down the runway and use that as inspiration to find something similar in a lower price bracket. In a way, I think doing that successfully takes more effort and thought than taking my $4,000 down to a single store and buying a single piece of branded clothing. Don’t know about you but it keeps me interested for longer.

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