Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Photography Challenge: Day 21 -Faceless Self Portrait

Aah, shoelessness, is there anything better?

There are a few things about this photos that are classic hallmarks of me being on holiday.

First is that I'm hardly ever that tanned - my skin in so white that I am more reflective in a dark room than those mice that get fed fluorescent dye.

The second clue is the tan line at my ankles. I do a lot of walking when I'm on holidays and sadly, my skin doesn't cope well with rubbing sandals or flip flops; I've been known to develop a blister walking to the corner store in flip flops. So I spend whole days on vacation walking with sneakers and socks, hence the white foot and tanned leg.

The final clue is that I'm wearing my denim cut offs. If I could wear these shorts every day I would, they're the perfect summer holiday staple and are better travelled than some people.

For the sake of reference, this photo was taken on the sands of the very tiny Anna Bay, somewhere along the Overseas Highway to Key West. The beach is just on15 metres long with about 2 metres of sand to the water.

It was super tiny but the water was warm, the sun was shining and the shoes were off and that's what holidays are about.

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