Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Photography Challenge: Day 20 - In My Bag

OK, so technically this photo isn't 'in my bag' so much as 'on my bag', but the main subject is still the bag so I feel the point of it all is achieved anyway.

This is my 2012 acquisition - Alexander Wang, Rocco with brass finishes - in my continued effort to buy one amazing bag each year and do away with incidental bag purchases of lesser value. As with most of my investment purchases, I labour over them for months, even years, driving family and friends crazy before I actually commit. 

This one took me three years to settle on, during which I acquired two other fabulous hand bags that I loved dutifully and dearly. I still care for them and they're neatly tucked away in their cloth bags waiting for a day when this bag doesn't match my outfit (hasn't happened yet).

Honestly, I can't speak highly enough of this bag and Mr Wang's design and construction, it's flawless. I can't even complain about the weekly chiropractor visits to realign my spine after I've worn it on my shoulder - yes, it's that heavy.

P.S. - Clearly, I'm having an italics moment in this post. Don't know where I picked up that annoying habit, or how long it will hang around. Apologies if you hate italics like I hate unnecessary apostrophes, it can't have been easy for you to read this.

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