Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Photography Challenge: Day 13 - Cannot Live Without

When I first thought about doing this photography project, I made a conscious decision to keep it simple and intuitive and not think too much about it.

Until today.

I really struggled with the preciseness of today’s theme, dismissing the early contenders of family, my dog, music and my favourite shoes because, after all, I could technically live without those. Sure, I would be distraught and paralysed with grief at the loss of my family and puppy, but from a medical perspective it wouldn’t kill me. The same with music and shoes. Yes, I would be sad and badly shod but obviously still alive.

So I decided to get real and pick something that is very important to me beyond the obvious things you would expect a person to value.

And that one thing is travel. Whether it’s heading down the road, upstate, out to the country or overseas, having the ability to travel is extremely important to me. Not only do I value it greatly today, I struggle to imagine a life without it.

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