Saturday, January 05, 2013

Wash day

We are in the midst of a heatwave here in Melbourne at the moment. Today's high of 25 degrees Celsius was a welcome relief and the perfect opportunity for me to do some ironing before the temperatures head towards 40 degrees Celsius tomorrow.

I got all the way to the bottom of my ironing basket this afternoon, including some silk tops that are as beautiful as they are high maintenance. The frilly pink top takes 15 minutes to iron on its own - and it doesn't even have sleeves!

Having an empty ironing basket is an important milestone for me. I don't know why but anytime I am behind on my ironing it's a major distraction and I find myself thinking about it during the day. Conversely, I have a great sense of freedom when the basket is empty. Yes, it's odd and a little obsessive but that's how I am.

There's no doubt it started in my childhood when one of my toys was a fully functioning, electric child-sized iron and an itty bitty child-sized ironing board. My job was to iron the small cotton pieces such as my dad's handkerchiefs and the table napkins, while in between items my mum would show me the correct way to iron a business shirt.

Today people would call it stereotypical or disrespectful to the feminine movement and all the equality it has strived to achieve. All I know is it was a great time in my childhood spent one on one with my mum and today, as an adult, I've never hit the street looking like my clothes could do with a bit of attention. Even my t-shirts - that's just not how I was taught and I'm very proud of that. Thanks Mum <3

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