Friday, January 04, 2013

Thinking about: Crazy nails

I've got a serious crush on manicures right now. My top bathroom drawer is overflowing with bottles of nail polishes and I've had to look at my nail polish storage options. Seriously, just yesterday I bought these gorgeous, stackable perspex boxes to store them all in and I'm already out of space.

Stackable perspex boxes from Freedom Furniture

None of this means I'm particularly adept at painting nails, but what I lack in ability I make up for in patience so it all works out in the end. Actually, speaking of endings, mine usually capitulate with me going to bed with nails still partly unset and waking up with the weave pattern of the bed sheets annoyingly stamped on each nail.

As far as manicures go these aren't super crazy and they're certainly not as wacky as the red with white dots, toadstool-like nail stickers I'm wearing at the moment but hey, I'm on holidays, give me a break!

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