Sunday, January 20, 2013

Running update: Cut it out you big girl

Found this image on Pinterest and it suits me down to a tee. In hindsight, it would have been good if I had found it before setting off on my run yesterday.

I wonder if the reminder of the euphoric feeling you get after a run (that is, after you've stopped gasping for air in a way that more resembles primal instinct than normal respiration) would have helped me over the feeling that my maker is just around the corner and I'm about to meet him/her/them.

Somewhere along the course of my life I acquired a perception that runners are superhuman and I want to be one of them. Over the years I suffered with shin splits, sprained ankles, torn hamstrings, excruciatingly sore calves, a seized lower back and night pains that rob me of sleep, all in the quest that I will be called a runner.

Technically, I am.

I keep going out every other day, persevering with an inexplicable activity that makes me feel simultaneously miserable with pain and utterly awesome with achievement. Perhaps there is no explanation for the process and, just like this image, the secret is in the aftermath. Now if only I can focus on the aftermath and forget about the present...

This is one of the most used songs in my running playlists. It's awesome.

When we started this band,
All we needed, needed was a laugh.
Years gone by...
I'd say we've kicked some ass.
When I'm enraged,
Or hittin' the stage,
Adrenaline rushing
Through my veins.
And I'd say we're still kickin' ass.
Ooo, ahh, kickstart my heart,
Hope it never stops.
And to think, we did all of this...
To rock!

Motley Crue, 'Kickstart My Heart', Dr Feelgood 1989

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