Thursday, January 10, 2013

Recipe: Waldorf salad

I clearly remember the first time I knowingly ate celery – I was visiting someone in hospital and went to a vending machine with my brother to get a hot chocolate. In a trait that has persistently followed me into adulthood, having options made me panic and I got a cup of the exotic-sounding celery soup instead.

Nowadays, the thought of getting soup from a vending machine would be evidence enough that the experience would not end well but my young self was curious and as a result, I have disliked and avoided celery since. That is, until I discovered Waldorf salad.

Unlike the soup episode, I can’t actually remember when or how I first came across Waldorf salad but there is something about its peculiar combination of ingredients that makes me enjoy celery. I don't use a recipe as such because the ingredients are so few but rather play it by ear depending on how I'm feeling. So sometimes there may be more apples, more dressing or double the walnuts.

There are a few self imposed rules I follow for taste and pleasure in eating:

1. De-string the celery and always cut it paper-thin;
2. Use aioli instead of just mayonnaise (mix in some extra salt and lemon juice);
3. No peeling the skin off the apples (that's just wrong!)

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