Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Photography Challenge: Day 7 - Changes to Come

My lounge room is in complete upheaval. Last week I finally bought proper lounge room furniture to replace a set of mismatched pieces accumulated over time. It's a milestone that was very much anticipated and deliberated but it's caused a very serious chain reaction in that now I need to change practically the whole room.

I don't know where to put all my 'stuff' and where to display the 15,000 mid-sized vases I seem to have accumulated over the years.

Even worse, when I showed these pictures to one of my friends, she asked me if I was going for the Shabby Chic look. I could have died on the spot! I mean, if anyone knows me they know I'm straight up Modern American with a Hamptons touch.

P.S. - Yes, it was the same friend who turned me off the jelly sandals last year. Such a spoil sport!

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