Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photography Challenge: Day 6 - Obsession

This is an open letter to myself.

Dear Girl,

If New York was a person you’d officially be a stalker - your obsession with the city is getting creepy and a little concerning.

For example, just the other day you got dressed in a Yankees cap and a t-shirt with NYC scrawled across the front. Come on, let's be serious. You’re no longer eight years old and wanting to wear a princess skirt with a princess tiara, princess shoes and a princess bag.

You dream about the city, think about the city, talk about the city, read books written about it and sing songs written in its honour. You reminisce about your past visits and obsessively plan your future ones. You’re even worse when you’re actually there!

You smile at people in a stupid way that makes them uncomfortable, you take an incessant number of photographs, your mood is always off-the-charts-happy…hell, you’ve even been known to squeal at particularly exciting moments.

Girl, I understand no other place to date has the ability to make you simultaneously so happy at the possibilities and so sad in the knowledge you probably will never be a New Yorker yourself. I’m not going to tell you to get over it, just to dial the crazy down a bit. OK?



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