Thursday, January 24, 2013

30 Day Photography Challenge

These photography challenges have always intrigued me and I think it's time I gave one a go.

Not gonna lie, one of the points of intrigue is whether I can keep at it for 30 days - it's an awfully long time after all - but they've laid it all out for me so how hard can it be? At the very least it guarantees me at least a new post here every day, which is always a good habit to get into.

I can't promise they will all be photos taken on the day they're published, but rather shots that I've taken myself that have a story behind them. I like stories so I will take the time to elaborate a little on my choice of photo each day.

An interesting point (for me, at least) is that they will definitely all be taken on an iPhone. My trip to the States last November was the first time I travelled without a dedicated camera. At the beginning, it was more of an experiment and I have to admit it was a great success. I no longer had to spend time each night downloading from camera to laptop and uploading from laptop to Facebook and Twitter so my family could keep up with the adventure. I absolutely loved it.

Of course, this would all be solved if there existed a camera with a SIM or wi-fi capability with Internet and social media interfaces. There probably already is, I'm not that familiar with developments in photography. But then I'd also want it to have a browser, GPS maps and be able to make phone calls so I don't have to carry a handbag around during my travels.

Hhhhhmmm, seems I've talked myself around to the beginning of the argument. Pass me my iPhone.

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