Thursday, December 20, 2012

The glorification of busy

Recently, while spending (read, wasting) some time on Pinterest, the following image caught my eye and interest.

The glorification of busy is something I am very passionate about because I think it is an unfortunate, unnecessary and just plain ridiculous side effect of modern life, particularly in Australia.

Most of my life is spent in a corporate office. We are movers and shakers, don’t you know?

We have fancy phones and laptops. We go to meetings all day and work through lunch. We chip our perfectly manicured nails on keyboards while typing furiously. We catch lifts to desks perched high atop a city and watch life through a plate glass window. We have phone conversations in crowded trains and answer emails on the toilet.

We are masters of our destiny but slaves to our jobs. And that’s all well and good...but we then complain about it.

We have no life but continue to work well into the night. We spend more time impressing colleagues than our loved ones. We think more about our clients than ourselves. We worry about expanding waistlines while cancelling workouts for another meeting.

My simplistic assumption is that we’re just too scared to say, ‘No.” However I feel that deep down the real reason is much darker.

To me, we have arrived at a point where we are defined more accurately by what we do instead of who we are and in that world, incessant busy-ness is the currency that we use to buy our own self worth.

That makes me more sad than the person that took a call in the toilet earlier today and it's not a price I'm willing to pay.

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