Friday, November 09, 2012

A bitch called Sandy

In five days' time I fly out to spend a couple of weeks in New Jersey and New York. Normally, I'd be a bundles of nerves and excitement, planning my trip and the new places I want to eat, shop and see. This photo right here was on my list last time I was in Manhattan. #3 - Take a picture of Times Square from the middle of the road. I nearly got myself run over by a cab but that's beside the point.

I leave for the US in five days and instead of doing normal tourist preparations, I'm obsessively refreshing the New York Times home page 5,000 times a day to see what the situation is like after the storm of last week. I think my Gramercy Park apartment is OK. Judging by the evacuation zone maps and post storm flood reports, it looks like it's a few block north of where the damage was worst. But I won't know for sure until I get there.

I also think my New Jersey hotel is OK. Panic got the better of me this morning and I called them; the receptionist seemed put off having to answer my questions about whether they have power. At least now I know there's a bed in New Jersey for me, as long as my car doesn't run out of petrol before I get there because fuel is being rationed and even if I had a holiday list, it wouldn't include spending half a day lining up for petrol.

Anyway, I'm sure that even at its worst New York is a great city so I'm going to try and get a couple of things down on my list - like the Alexander Wang boutique perhaps...- and make the most of this beautiful town.

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