Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Punch today in the face

I am generally not a daisies and bunnies and sunshine and rainbows kinda girl, but I am particularly cranky today. People are pissing me off more than usual, I'm doing a lot of squinting in an evil way, my nostrils are flaring often, I have even rolled my eyes a number of times today.

There is no specific reason to explain why today I am a rain cloud when yesterday I was decidedly more like a sun shower - it's a collusion of events, people and attitude that's bringing me down. Let me list them for you in the hope that out is better than in.

- My procrastination dial is at 11.
- Snooty Toothy Girl is particularly toothy and snooty today.
- The Mum's habit of using laughter as the punctuation to a complaint or passive aggressive sentiment is wearing thin on my patience.
- My ravenous appetite is a distraction.
- Happy Guy is just too damn cheery for my liking.
- The lactic acid from my workouts is making me walk like an old lady.
- There is a thin layer of cloud preventing the sun from shining.

I could go on but now that my shallowness is out for all the world to see, you probably want to punch me in the face but I challenge the existence of a person whose limits of patience were never tested by the inane observations and dialogues of life.

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