Monday, July 09, 2012

Strawberry cake triumph

This weekend I set myself a strawberry cake challenge and am pleased to report both human and kitchen came out of it alive. Faced with interstate visitors who came bearing children and recent birthdays, cake and candles we in order. Also, having recently come across a recipe for strawberry cake - which is apparently wildly popular in the southern American states - I needed an occasion to make one, so all's well that ends well.

This is neither the easiest nor the most difficult cake to make as it involves multiple pans, stiff egg whites and a measurement of pre-sifted flour. This last one I'd never some across and it's an odd concept because I sifted a random amount of flour into a bowl and then scooped it from there into the measuring cup to get my amount. It would have made more sense to give readers a smaller amount and asked them to sift it before incorporating into the cake, but who am I to question?

The recipe didn't give details on the frosting so I used a traditional cream cheese frosting and layered the cake with strawberry conserve and fresh cut strawberries. This is the recipe I used for the cake and if you're going to make it, 2 cups of flour will sift into the 2 3/4 cups required by the recipe.

From an eating perspective, it comes out pink with shiny jam and tart berries in the middle. How can anyone not like that? It's even better the next day when the jam has oozed into the base layer of the cake and crystallised it a bit.

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