Friday, July 06, 2012

Do my (c)ankles look big in these?

Yesterday I came to the realisation that I may be a tad obsessed with the lower leg. For a while now my style is all about the ankles, with skinny cropped pants, midi skirts and rolled up jeans a staple. I also carry a fascination (fixation?) with Gwyneth Paltrow's knees, and have long been preoccupied (paranoid?) about my deceptive calves in that they look normal until I try on a pair of knee high boots.

None of these three points of focus are anything I can change: ankles, knee caps and calves are what they are. I mean, you can exercise to define and grow your calves but you can't shrink them. You just can't. So it all comes down to the optical illusion created by the clothes and shoes you wear.

Which gets me to the point of this post: ankle straps and cankles. Along with the pointed toe pump, ankle straps are the big thing in shoes right now and while podiatrists around the world rejoice, women with less-than-slender ankles will cringe. I know I did yesterday while trying on my new pair of shoes.

For all my specific and bizarre body fixations, I'm not the type who asks store assistants if my ass looks big in anything - I know my butt and if I'm feeling careless enough to try on something I know won't suit me, it's my own fault. But yesterday, I did ask the lovely lady at Saba if these shoes made my ankles look big. And I noticed the look that came over her face when she heard my question, it was almost as if she wanted to say, "Why do I get all the nutters?"

I know I'm not dealing with the world's big issues here but ankle straps are dangerous territory for those of us not endowed with bony ankles. Choose carefully and don't be afraid to ask if your ankles look big in that - chances are people will be more honest with you about that than about your butt.

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