Friday, June 01, 2012

Feed him to the monsters

At the moment, I am completely obsessed with a song from a Queensland band called The Medics. It's somewhat dark in context and very moody, much like this outfit I thought. 

I've been so busy lately that it's close to a miracle that I found time to paint my nails (in two colours no less), take this photo, and find a new song. These three things give me some reassurance that in the midst of work, work, work, my mind has, momentarily at least, managed to occupy itself with something else.

Wasting time, in life we work too hard
Waiting for your answer
Laughing at the lion
Hoping that, he won't tear you to shreds again
and the demons that hold your eyes, ears and mouth closed
Your eyes, ears and mouth closed

Vacant thoughts, although we push our friends away
Wishing and wanting to be the envy of others
With these foundations in this story
This story of a boy who sailed the seas

He's just a boy
An adolescent child
Feed him to the monsters
What of your decision ?

The Medics, 'Griffin', Foundations 2012


Anonymous said...

Found this blog by googling the lyrics to this song in an attempt to find it after hearing it earlier today on the radio. Fantastic song :)

PJ said...

Thanks Anonymous. It is an amazing song from a very great Aussie band.