Wednesday, May 09, 2012

White bean soup like a scarf for the stomach

The title of this post could possibly be the weirdest I've ever written. Trying to link the stomach to the neck makes no sense but it's done now so I will press on.

Aren't soups great? They are possibly the easiest way for a person to feed themselves because when made properly, they're like little meals in a bowl. I made this white bean soup one night this week using a single can of canellini beans I had in the pantry - it was so delicious and easy to make I'm hunting down a big bag of dried beans to make a huge pot of it soon. The recipe is from The Age and the final product is blended into a delicious and creamy consistency.

For me, a soup is only satisfying if it's laden with protein; animal or vegetable, I'm not picky. My husband on the other hand subscribes to the Seinfeld theory on soup: that it's never a meal. That's a bummer because in my household it removes the convenience of soup as a one hit dinner wonder.

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