Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Purple patches and knee high socks

How cool are knee high socks? I'm obsessed now that I've found the perfect pair that is long enough to reach over the knee and loose enough to not make me look like I have fat rolls around said knee.

Well it may seem that these are two reasonable things to ask for when the reality is quite different. Socks aren't necessarily something you can easily try on in a department store so I've always found buying them a bit of trial and error. I excitedly buy a pair, get them home and realise they make me look like I have an aversion to squats and lunges, serious water retention issues and a penchant for compression stockings - all at once.

These however are nothing like that and I've derived much merry glee from wearing them with skirts and booties. Hairy knees need not apply!

In honour of Prince's current Australian tour and my two purple skirts, I think a little purple music is in order.

You say you want a leader,
but you can't seem to make up your mind.
I think you better close it,
and let me guide you to the purple rain.

Prince and the Revolution, 'Purple Rain', Purple Rain 1984

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