Monday, May 07, 2012

Pink pants and red shoes: Outshined

Aah Monday-itis my random friend, I hardly ever see you but you've been creeping around too often lately and you're one aspect of office life I'm definitely not down with.

I've long railed against the pointless meetings, disengaged jargon and passive aggressive flyers telling me to not leave dishes in the sink, but a hatred of Mondays is not something with which I'm familiar.

Generally, employment is OK with me so I try not to fight it although today feels as though it's best described by a line from the almighty Soundgarden: "I'm looking California, but feeling Minnesota."

Give me room people, I'm pouty in pink pants.

I got up feeling so down,
I got off being sold out.
I've kept the movie rolling,
But the story's getting old now.

Soundgarden, Outshined, Badmotorfinger 1991

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